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Department Rules and Regulations

Subdivision (n) of Section 190.8 of Title 6 of the official compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York provides for use of state owned lands by horses and equestrians as follows:
The riding, driving or leading of horses will be permitted anywhere on state lands under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environmental Conservation unless otherwise prohibited by law, regulation, posted notice or this subdivision. No person shall ride or permit a horse on:

  • land devoted to intensively developed facilities, such as boat launch sites, day use areas, campgrounds*, ski centers education centers, fish hatcheries, game farms or headquarter complexes, and lands managed for public safety, such as flood control levees;
  • foot trails, except where such trails are part of a publicly maintained road, or are specifically designated to allow travel by horses thereon; and
  • designated snowmobile trails and cross-country ski trails that are covered with ice or snow.

    *Does not include camping areas specifically developed for horse use.

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    Department Policy

    The following policies concerning the administration and use of marked horse trails is set forth for your information and guidance. Your cooperation in regard to these simple rules will be appreciated.
  • The Department of Environmental Conservation may close any area to public use whenever it deems necessary. Further, the department may refuse entry to any grouyp or individual who for any reason is not properly equipped for wilderness travel.
  • Individuals or groups entering an area with a registration booth must register at the booth upon arrival and check out upon departure.
  • Areas will be used on a first-come-first -served basis. Lean-tos, horse shelters and corral areas must be shared to their capacity.
  • Groups, clubs and organizations wishing to conduct organized rides or events must apply for a permit with the appropriate regional forester's office.
  • All groups of 10 or more must obtain a permit prior to camping.
  • Campsites shall not be set up within 150 feet of water, rails or roads unless specifically designated by the Department.
  • Current Coggins test required for use of facilities. Sick or injured horsed must be removed from state lands upon request by Department personnel. All users of state horse trails must comply with New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Rules and Regulations.
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    Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

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